GitHub Education for the Uneducated

GitHub Education caters to students and teachers. Once GitHub agrees that you belong to either of these groups, they shower you with a bunch of free and discounted stuff.

It turns out that research staff at a university (of which I am one) are also qualified for GitHub Education plans that are meant for teachers, although we really are not teachers.

GitHub Education seemed useful. With the discount, you get to use GitHub Teams for free. If you have a GitHub organization on a free tier, and if that organization could use some of the Team features, you can have them, without having to use a credit card.

Those features include:

For my own future reference, the process I went through is documented below. I am certain this is documented somewhere in GitHub’s sprawling documentation (turned out that it actually is documented), and I am almost certain that the process will change by the time when I will need to look this up again, still.

That wasn’t so bad. It only took an afternoon.

(Posted on November 30, 2022.)