Internet Relay Chat

I have been /away from IRC for such a long time. I am a terrible person for that reason, and very many other reasons. However, unlike me, my IRC client, safely and warmly tucked under a layer of old and wrinkly screen session, has been faithfully listening to a handful of channels on freenode.

Today I felt like checking the aforesaid IRC client for any missed messages, and found a rather old /query window. It went like this:

03:23 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with Guest33674
03:23 <Guest33674> Hello. i'm eRic M France. I'm there to share
                   information concerning theories about our
                   origins. Monotheism & Evolution's theory are 
                   based on beliefs 'cause nothing in science can 
                   establish that these théories are correct
03:23 <Guest33674> However, the new one considering that we have
                   been created by human beings of a most advanced
                   civilisation mastering biotechnologies 
                   (intelligent Design) is enlightened with real 
                   facts. Wanna read about it ?
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That was not the only one. Another /query window went like this:

23:52 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with jimmiejohnson48
23:52 <jimmiejohnson48> I just wanted to make sure you go to heaven
                        when you die, the bible says nobody is good
                        enough to make it to heaven, so we need to
                        believe on Jesus in order to make it to
                        heaven! Google "Jesus is savior" and click
                        how to be saved, and keep in mind IF SAVED
                        YOU'RE ALWAYS SAVED salvation can NOT be 
                        lost, it is a FREE GIFT of God! Also watch
                        this preacher 
23:52 <jimmiejohnson48> you believe on the Lord because that is all
                        we are required to do, not do good works or 
                        give up our sins, that's a damnable plan of
                        salvation which is all explained on that
                        website. I also wanted to tell you that
                        nothing is better than Jesus I tried it all
                        fast cars, relationships, liquor, nothing
                        filled the empty void I had and that was
                        having a personal relationship and knowing
                        the one who
23:52 <jimmiejohnson48> still has nail scars in his hands and side
                        to this day and forever will! You can take
                        my word for it or go try all the pleasures
                        of the world, but if you choose Jesus later 
                        and have a false plan of salvation you won't
                        get into heaven, so getting saved now is a 
                        good idea!
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You can imagine my dismay and regret on having missed these excellent opportunities to learn about the mysteries of our world and the secret to a sure place in heaven from those two seemingly wonderful persons.

I wonder if eRic M France is still up for offering pedagogical services on his particular school of thought, and if jimmiejohnson48 still cares about my salvation. IRC is a weird place for all this, but whatevs. It is not their fault that I don’t use facebook or whatsap or whatever it is that normal people use for such casual-yet-ascendant communication these days.

But mainly I am impressed that knowledge has chosen to seek me out. It must be because the other way around is not working as well as it should be.

Maybe salvation is within reach, when all said and done.

(Posted on November 3, 2015.)