End of Summer Link Clearance

August was pretty hot here in northeast Indiana. Not unbearably hot as it usually happens, and weirdly cool for August, but hot enough to complain about it. But towards the end of August, I noticed that some leaves of the black walnut tree in the backyard was turning yellow. It had even started to shed some of those yellow leaves.

And then September rolled by. Temperatures suddenly dipped to single digit lows – before you freak out, this is in degree Celsius. It is still pretty cold for September. It reminds that winter is just around the corner. Looks like my tomato plants and pepper plants are going to die before giving me a good round of produce.

Speaking of winter: this is a collection of useful/interesting articles, books, papers, stories and the such from around the Internet, meant for mindless consumption whenever my copious free time permits. Which would be whenever I wake up from my winter hibernation, which I’m going to start pretty soon now.

(Normally pinboard is the place where all my links go to die. I think this will be place to make sure that they’re indeed dead.)



Software Architecture



Anyone who reveals what he’s learned, Chris told me, is not by his definition a true hermit. Chris had come around on the idea of himself as a hermit, and eventually embraced it. When I mentioned Thoreau, who spent two years at Walden, Chris dismissed him with a single word: “dilettante.”

(Posted on September 8, 2014.)