Quick question: do you know what else could be added to the list below? facebook.com fbcdn.com fbcdn.net login.facebook.com static.ak.connect.facebook.com static.ak.fbcdn.com static.ak.fbcdn.net www.facebook.com www.fbcdn.com www.fbcdn.net www.login.facebook.com www.static.ak.connect.facebook.com www.static.ak.fbcdn.com www.static.ak.fbcdn.net

(To be sure, their main competitor also is primarily an ad network that may or may not be tracking my actions in the Internet, but the said competitor’s services are (1) actually useful; (2) way less annoying; and more importantly (3) it’s not practical to roll your own email (with always-on encrypted IMAP and SMTP gratis) and web-based calendar and office and social network and smartphone platform and self-driving car and what not. So no, not Google, not yet.)

(Posted on June 17, 2012.)