Dunn's Woods

The campus manages to look ridiculously pretty round the year, but I rarely ever manage to go around taking pictures. The early arrival of spring this year has been especially spectacular, but again, no pictures. This time though, I couldn’t ignore these little guys, glowing in the evening sun, even as I was walking back to campus, mildly freaking out about the seemingly endless list of things to do and the increasingly aggravating “oh my, it’s almost the end of this semester!” panic.

This is Dunn’s Woods. I walk this way to the department building every day and notice that the woods keep changing its appearance almost every week. Everything was gray-brown just a month back, at the time when this year’s short-lived winter was receding early. I think I like it the most in summer, when things are a richer shade of green, when it’s almost like my home in the tropics.

And oh, it’s almost summer now.

(Posted on April 9, 2012.)