I have been slowly slowly moving stuff into my new apartment. It is technically mine now since I have signed the lease and paid the deposit and everything, but not quite mine since I haven’t moved in entirely. It is kinda nuanced like that.

I took over the lease of this apartment from Roshan, and he has left a ton of stuff behind. The furniture and kitchen appliances and utensils are certainly useful and saves me a great deal of hassle with piling up all that stuff again. Some of the stuff will be shipped to wherever Rosh is finally settling down. He has done quite a job of leaving a clean apartment behind.

But there are certain kind of stuff, like computer cables, that just refuse to be clean. While clearing a dusty cable mess from beneath the computer table, I found a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Awesome. I’ve been meaning to get one of these for many years now. Finders ought to be keepers, yes? Especially when it works in my favor, yes?

Even if I don’t get to keep this one, I’m convinced that I should eventually get one. This tablet just worked with Debian wheezy/sid, and Debian has mypaint, gimp, inkscape etc. which works quite well with this Bamboo. That is a really sweet deal.

I do need some practice with my wobbly hands though. I’m really not keeping my hopes up since the acrylic paint and sketchbook I bought for using in my summer skills development plan haven’t been touched yet.

(Posted on August 21, 2011.)