Children of Khatia village
Khatia, Madhya Pradesh. January 2008.

Hello! You have found my website! How nice!

My name is Sajith. I am a software developer by training and trade. I like doing stuff other than software development too: photography, gardening, traveling to new places, spending time in the great outdoors, watching the local wildlife, reading books, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. I made this website to write about stuff that interests me, stuff that I have done, and stuff that I need to forget for the moment.


  • Email is sajith at nonzen dot in.
  • Of course I have a PGP key! Why do you even need to ask?
  • Something like a journal.
  • Site ChangeLog.

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I love free culture and free/libre software and open standards and open-access scholarly publications as much as you do. We all do that, right?

However, the text and pictures I publish in this site are usually personal stories of some kind – as in, they are usually pictures of people, animals, things, and/or places I'm friends with. Therefore I prefer to go with an "all rights reserved" default setting.

If you need some of them under a Creative Commons or similar license for your work or for a wikipedia article, please ask me. I'd be happy to oblige.

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Acknowledgments and Stuff

The domain name is (a) a homage to nozen, a little site of Kōans that has been around for longer than this site; (b) a joke: nonzen rhymes with nonsense, you see? As far as I am aware, only one friend has laughed at it, so far. I must be bad at jokes.

Icons are from Font Awesome. This site is generated using a Rube Goldberg and/or Howl's Moving Castle machinery assembled out of Emacs, Org mode, Rake, and Hakyll.