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2015-09-04  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * *: Use font-awesome icons; remove Disqus comments; remove
        Google analytics.  Brave new future, free from third party
        Javascript and pixellated icons!

2015-04-30  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * changelog: Use actual email address, but with rot13-ed local

2015-04-22  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * index: Transitioned to a 4096-bit GPG/PGP key.

2014-07-16  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * index: Added copyright statement.

2014-04-17  Sajith  <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * posts: Posts are grouped by year, thanks to this script:

2014-04-02  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * nonzen.css: Warming up to the mobile internet.  Because in
        2013, 13.21% of site visitors used some kind of mobile device!
        The site should render in a wee bit more mobile friendly fashion

2013-01-22  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * *: now served with https!

2012-01-28  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * nonzen.css: smaller sleeker refactored reworked MOAR
        standards-compliant css.

2011-10-08  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * index: Of course I have a PGP key!

2011-09-25  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * posts, posts/*: Wait, there are real blog entries!  Since
        2011-08-18, it appears.

2011-08-19  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * index, changelog, posts, atom.xml: Adding Jekyll, the
        "blog-aware static site generation tool" to the mix, and disqus
        comments.  Real blog entries will be coming, some time in the

2011-06-30  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * index, changelog: Site-wide cleanup! This stuff is now managed
        using Emacs Org-Mode.

2008-01-01  Sajith <fnwvgu@nonzen.in>

        * index: website "created" -- basically, updated the placeholder
        page, knitted up a bunch of HTML pages together, etc., using
        emacs' html-helper-mode.

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