Holland, Michigan

Over the weekend, we visited Holland, Michigan, a week after their Tulip Time Festival, and gawked at some of their remaining tulips.

Holland is a rather nice town with the appropriate tourist traps for a place of its repute. The drive there through countryside was more interesting though: Michigan countryside reminded us of Maine countryside, but with better roads and without the seaside and crustaceans. (It also seemed that Michigan roads are so much better built and maintained than Indiana roads, in spite of lower gas prices in Michigan. What's up with that.)


Figure 1: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 2: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 3: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 4: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 5: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 6: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 7: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 8: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 9: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 10: Veldheer Tulip Gardens.


Figure 11: Lake Michigan.


Figure 12: Lake Michigan.


Figure 13: At Windmill Island.


Figure 14: Downtown Holland.


Figure 15: Downtown Holland.

Holland has a still-operational windmill (named "De Zwaan"), which was transplanted from the Netherlands in the sixties. Because I'm dumb with cameras, I did not have a plan B for when the SD card errored out; nor did I have the right lens on the camera. Thus it happens that I don't have a good picture of De Zwaan, which is not really a big deal in The Grand Scheme of Things.

On the way home, we stopped at a friendly farmer's house to buy some eggs. They had ten cats living around the house. I think this is The Single Most Important Lesson I learned from this trip: if one moves to the countryside, one can have ten or more cats around the house if one so wishes! (And chicken! And geese! And dogs! And goats! And cows! And horses! And that would be really cool.)

Someday I will turn into Old Farmer MacDonald, and my friends, you will not recognize me when that happens.

(Posted on 22 May 2015.)